• - 04/08/2015
  • by: Wallspoke
  • cat. : Decoration
A graphic vision of craftwork

Atelier Kobalt
is an upholstery furnishing and paper and textile creation workshop offering a modern and graphic version of traditional craftwork.

Marianne, a young upholsterer and furniture painter, and Mathieu, an illustrator, who both come from Bordeaux, seek out and experiment with new materials in this collaborative project. Their work alternates between textile printing, print edition, furniture, sewing, screen printing, painting, pop-up stores, etc.

The driving force of their projects lies mainly in their willingness to combine and to merge illustration, graphic design, interior decoration and textile. Everything happens in a colourful and fun space borrowing from 80s influences, the workshop is independent and energetic and in a state of in constant change.


Atelier Kobalt armchair wedding deco

Atelier Kobalt
Upholstery & Decoration

Armchairs from €790
Pillows from €29

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