Configure your made to measure fixie online

Do you want something nobody else has got? Configure your made to measure fixie online choosing the parts that amaze you most from a large selection. The choice is such that it might take some time making the necessary modifications to complete your project, but it will all be worthwhile in the end.

Each component has been entirely modelled in 3D in order to create an infinite number of combinations depending on what you are looking for. Imagine, visualise, create and Urban Fixie will do the rest with handmade assembly in its workshop.

By the way, what is a fixie? It is a fixed-gear bicycle on which all the optional features - derailleur, front brake, mudguard, lights, etc - have been removed in favour of aesthetic and lightness. First adopted by New Yorker couriers, they have become a real fashion trend today.


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Urban Fixie
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