• - 04/07/2015
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Design your own made-to-measure watch

Unravel the mysteries of watch making by visiting this Parisian workshop. L’Atelier Parisien d’Horlogerie, set by two watch enthusiasts, is a workshop and a training center for the general public, where the main objective is to share expert knowledge.

If you want to try a training course, you first need to choose the type of watch movement you want to work on (mechanical, automatic, or chronograph) and set aside an entire day to learn step by step about the functioning of a watch, its caliber, and how to control the movement, until finally it has the case put on.

Even better, if you decide to buy your own watch, choosing every single element of the movement, you will be able to add the case yourself following the experts’ advice. In that case, the training session is included in the watch’s price.


APH watch complication

Atelier Parisien d’Horlogerie (APH)
Watchmaking workshop & shop
28 rue Bergère 75009 Paris 

Training course from € 250
Watches from € 950

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