• - 04/08/2015
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Adopt a natural and timeless bow tie

Willow & Warson
grew out of an old friendship between Tim and Theo who have always shared a passion for refined style, nature and craftsmanship.

By creating bespoke, hand-carved and environmentally responsible bow ties, Tim and Theo bring together their mutual passions, for our great pleasure. Their timeless design classics perfectly embody individual character and style.

Hand-crafted in Devon, England, from recycled and sustainable timber, Willow & Warson bow ties are available in three styles in a variety of local and exotic wood types. Each piece is unique, hand-made and comes with its own hand-made pouch made from recycled pieces of leather and suede.

Tim and Theo simply strive to provide you with a new perspective through which to appreciate the natural beauty of wood and the innovative hand-craftsmanship they apply to it.


Workshop Willow and Warson bow tie

Willow and Warson craft workshop bow tie

Willow & Warson
Hand carved wooden fashion accessories - Devon (England)

Bow ties from £ 85
Tie clips from £ 80
Cufflinks from £ 40

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