• - 04/07/2015
  • by: Wallspoke
  • cat. : Fashion
Recycled sail cloth and yachting style

Each 727 Sailbags creation is unique! Unique in its design and unique in its history - you only need to look at what it is made of: a sail.

Made with different fabrics of various shapes, the genoas, gennakers, and mainsails all come from boats which have sailed the seas worldwide. Cruising boats or racing machines, Optimists or Legend yachts, they all trust 727 Sailbags to give their sails a new life.

Anna and Jean-Baptiste are always looking for new ways to recycle their favourite fabrics and never stop trying new shapes, new processes and of course new colours to go with and make the most of the precious fabric. Once down on paper, their ideas become bags, purses, clutch bags, or decorative objects.

Authentication forms sewn inside each product, allow the proud owner to chart the maritime history of their acquisition. Which ocean has the yacht navigated? What races did it win? What famous skipper held the helm?

727 sailbags swimsuit lamp

727 Sailbags
Bags, clothes & decoration
Bags from €179
Decoration from €115

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