• - 04/07/2015
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The art of handmade bespoke cakes

We have had the good fortune to meet self-taught confectioner Nessie and to try some of her sumptuous creations.

First of all just look at the amazing work which has been gone into her designs: flowers carefully hand-crafted one by one, motifs that could be real Calais lace, and perfectly-mastered colour combinations. You can tell straightaway that it is the glamorous and delicious artwork of a genius pastry cook.

But it does not stop there, Nessie promises to make your dreams come true by offering to use all her skills and expertise to make cakes for all your events - birthdays, baby-showers, etc.

If you are lucky enough to live in London, don’t hesitate to call on her talents to create your bespoke cakes and cupcakes.

Chelsea Cake Company London pastries

Chelsea Cake Company
Handmade bespoke cakes, cupcakes & cookies - London (UK)
Standard 6’’ layered cakes with frosting from £55 
Cupcakes from £2,20 each
Cookies from £1,85 each

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