Wallspoke is a thematic website dedicated to bringing together the specialist know-how of two creative spheres - that of the craftsman and that of the Web. In it we are showcasing a variety of skills and crafts, some very traditional, others with a more contemporary approach. On the website you will find pictures and articles about all kinds of different products and services ranging from bespoke tailoring to customised high-tech. The aim is to promote a wide range of original concepts, so you can see the quality of work and services on offer whatever the marketing approach of our partners: whether you can visit them in person in their shop or if their services are only available through their website.


In the Creations section, you can have a look at our partners’ pictures, they are arranged by category, sub-category, price range and country where the offer is available. For example, if a customised bag is sold online by a website delivering in 10 different countries, you will find the picture in each of the 10 countries. On the other hand, if it is only available in the country where it is manufactured then you will only see the picture in that country. If you do not select any country, you will obviously be able to look at creations from all over the world.

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Discover an exclusive selection of products available online. To do so, you just have to click on the "SHOP" button located under the creations.

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In this section you will find various articles about news, original concepts, know-how, advice, etc.

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Travel the world of expertise by clicking the color chips. Each of them opens the card of an artisan, a shop or a website. To discover the original creations of the brand simply click on the links at the bottom of the card and you will be immediately redirected to the creations page.


The forum helps you find specific bespoke and customised goods and services. Whether you are searching for a wedding dress or a website allowing you to configure your own Fixie, this section is for you.

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Just like you, Wallspoke is connected to numerous social networks. You can access them directly from the top right of the home page and the side banners of the different website pages. As with subscribing to the newsletter, following us on our different social networks will give you access to all the website news.

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Your profile page displays all your favorite content. To add them to your page, you simply have to click on “I like this picture” or “I like this article” on the top right of the pages. On your profile page you will also find the offers you benefited from, product universes attached to pictures you liked and your participation in the “Wanted” section. A public version of your profile page will be reachable by everyone when you leave a comment or add content to your page.

Thibault Heckly
CEO of Wallspoke.com

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