Bespoke bow tie - NY

Eloise - 04/21/2015

I need to find a bespoke bow tie for a very special occasion! any idea ? I leave in NY. Thanks

WillowAndWarson - 04/28/2015

We'd love to hear what you might be looking for Eloise, if it's not too late?!
Please feel free to visit our site and let us know what you reckon via

We can offer custom engraving on all of our products, but if you even had a specific wood-type in mind, perhaps even from your own 'backyard!' - we can look at accommodating your wishes to our best ability.

Tim - W&W

WillowAndWarson - 04/28/2015

We also deliver internationally - in case that wasn't clear!

Eloise - 04/29/2015

Hi !
Thank you for your reply, your bow ties look amazing!! I'm going to talk about it to my fiance, he's gonna love them for sure.
Thanks !

ARTMANNA - 06/19/2015

I make original bow ties, visit my ipage.

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